Reflection Exercise 4.2 – COMM11003 Communication in Professional Contexts.

Reflection Exercise 4.2

Conducting research is extremely important in all assignments especially essays. Without research there is no evidence to support any claims made in an argument or document. Without research there can be a lack of knowledge about the subject being written or even spoken about. As Eunson (2012) states catalogues in libraries can be used to filter the results that show up. Primary and secondary sources can be used when researching. Primary resources may include: questionnaires, interviews, surveys. Secondary sources can include Journals, research papers, and periodicals (Costigan 2015). Researching techniques may include using qualitative and quantitative research, as this allows for the researcher to have an in depth insight or understanding of what they are looking for (Wilcox, Cameron, Reber & Shin 2013). Content analysis is very important when researching, as this can allow for certain information to be categorised under the appropriate sections for a more organised use (Wilcox et al. 2013). However, research is necessary for everyday life as well for things like buying cars, buying textbooks, looking up companies and much more (Eunson 2012). The most recent research I did was when I was looking for my car, I searched multiple car sales websites for many months looking for a car that was fairly cheap or at least under the amount of money I could purchase one for. I found that this lasted several months before me and my mother found one which has 5 doors, low kilometres, a reasonable year model, a hatchback, and an automatic which all came under $6000. I would say that it was definitely hard to do as automatics which have 5 doors were a lot dearer than either a manual or a 3 door automatic car. Secondary sources were the main resource used in my research for a car with a small amount of primary sources included (Costigan 2015).


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