COMM11003 Module 8: Reflection on the “About yourself and others”

Personalities can make a difference to communication through verbal and nonverbal communication (Eunson 2012). From these personalities we can establish ourselves in a network of peers, but in order to do this effectively we should be able to start conversations with a variety of people (Eunson 2012). According to Eunson (2012) to communicate effectively we need to be able to listen to the other person with the attention and understanding required, we need to be able to thank others for their help, and lastly we need to be able to ask for help from the appropriate people.
I have done numerous personality tests since 2013 when I was first introduced to Humanmetrics Inc (2015), as well as the tests provided by Londonmet Business School (2010), and Soloman, Felder (2007) for my STEPS courses: Positive Skills for University (PSU) and Positive Learning for University (PLU). I have always had a very big interest in learning all I can about myself; thereby, when I re did the human metrics test I was interested to find out that I have not changed my personality very much at all, as I am still ESFJ; however, I have become more extroverted as I use to be 11% whereas, now I’m 56%, I have become less sensing as I was 38% but now I am only 25%. Furthermore, I am also less feeling than I use to be as I use to be 38% and now I am 25%; on the other hand, I am now more judging as I use to be 22% whereas now I am 33%. In addition, Costigan (2015) provided me with a test that I had not yet done before which was the Kiersey 1998 (2015) test. The result which came up was that I am a Guardian. There are four types of Guardians: Supervisor, protectors, inspectors, and providers, but the test does not list which one I am; as a result, I read the description of all four types: Supervisors, Inspectors, providers and lastly protectors. Nevertheless, I found out reading the descriptions that I did not agree that I was like any of the four types, as I have a mixture of characteristics from all of the types listed.

Figure: Personality Testing Services Source: Lawrimore Communications Inc 2015

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