COMM11003 Module 7: Reflection exercise 7.3: a speech

This exercise was to create a speech for which the oral/verbal communication of singing was chosen (Costigan 2015). This speech was to be about something that interests me. I was to try to convince the audience of what was being said. According to Thill and Bovee (2013, p. 9 cited in Costigan 2015, mod. 2, p. 1) an audience centred approach, is one which focuses on the key aspects of understanding, respecting, and meeting the requirements of your audience. The reflection exercise 7.3 was done in the COMM11003: Communication in Professional contexts class where the following speech was created: ‘I am passionate about singing cover songs. When I am listening to music I can not help but sing even if I do not know the words. In fact, I do it nearly every day. I like singing to music because it relaxes me. It is something I can do anywhere. It is also a way for me to release any negative feelings that may be building up inside. I would recommend this for anyone who has trouble relaxing. Someone who wants to block everything else out, except for the music and singing along. Just turning the music up, closing your eyes and letting go; does not matter how you sound or if you know the lyrics. Singing to music is a passion that I find myself doing nearly every day. I would recommend it to anyone, just to try it once as it could become their passion too.’ During the time which I was reading the speech out in front of the class, there were a few times where I used verbal and nonverbal communication to show how I was feeling (Eunson 2012). Because I was nervous I found there was some shaking in my voice and from my hands also. However, some of the major potential connotations were avoided such as minimal eye contact with the audiences, tapping toes, mumbling voice (Eunson 2012).

Figure: Speech-microphone Source: Hope speaking
Figure: Speech-microphone
Source: Hope speaking

Figure reference

Hope, M 2015, Speech microphone, digital image, hope-speaking, viewed 17 May 2015,


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Eunson, B 2012, Communicating in the 21st century, 3rd edn, John Wiley & Sons, Milton.

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