COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 5 Technical: Complete Quiz 5 – Quiz 5A (Reporting Speech) and Quiz 5B (Figures).

For this week we were required to read chapter seven and 11 of (Hicks 2015). Which focus on speech reporting and figures.

I got five out of ten for first attempt of quiz (a)  when I was attempting the quiz for the first time because I was distracted and uncomfortable while I was at the CQU Bundaberg campus and was using my laptop in the computer lab.

There was this man in the room that I was very uncomfortable around due to some uncomfortable and weird experiences with him during semester 1 break before starting semester 2.

Thereby, I was unable to focus properly on the task at hand. I was disappointed with this result and my lack of thought to do the quiz another time before I actually attempted it.

Quiz (b) I received eight out of ten for the first attempt due to the same reason as the quiz (a). So I decided to redo the quizzes a different day and time when the man was not around.

Speech attribution was easier to understand when reading Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith (2012, p.192) as it easily describes how to use the speech tags. I will definitely refer back to it when using speech attribution in any further assignments.


Hicks, W 2013, English for journalists, 4th edn, Routledge, New York.

Whitaker, R, Ramsey, J & Smith, R 2012, Media writing: print broadcast and public relations, 4th edn, Routledge, New York.


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