COMM11108: Communication and the Political Process, Blog 2

A political issue that is both an international and a national issue is the same sex marriage idea being passed through the constitutions. This a very heated and popular issue that both the public and politicians alike debate about. However, the same sex marriage debate is certainly not new; it has been going on for many years. Prime Minister Tony Abbott that was most recently voted in the last election in 2012 is currently involved in deciding whether or not same sex marriage is put to the people (Henderson 2015).

Figure 1: marriage bill Source: The Shovel 2015
Figure 1: marriage bill
Source: The Shovel 2015

According to Hurst (2015) Mr Abbott has decided the Liberal party will keep its policies for this term and when the next election comes the party’s idea is to give the people a chance to vote in a referendum. However, many MP’s are sceptical of Mr Abbott’s promise to put it to the people later; mainly due in part to the idea that the Prime Minister’s personal commitment to a traditional marriage is the reason he refuses to allow a vote on it (Kenny & Ireland 2015). According to Kenny & Ireland (2015) the belief is the proposal is simply to halt/prevent changes for as long as possible.

According to Kenny & Ireland (2015) this gives the Australian people in favour of same sex marriage a huge reason to vote out the liberal party next election, but if somehow the vote does go to parliament then a number of Liberal MP’s have said they will cross the floor (Henderson 2015). According to Miragliotta, Errington & Barry (2013) Cross the floor is when a member of parliament votes on legislation with the opposite political party.

Figure 2: Tony Abbott grey filter Source: Overell 2015
Figure 2: Tony Abbott grey filter
Source: Overell 2015

From these articles in the newspapers the audience get the impression that the reason Mr Abbott prevents a vote on the same sex marriage is due to him being personally against it; consequently, bringing with that impression an outrage from the people (Overell 2015). Subsequently, it is unknown whether the impression given by the articles is false or true; yet, there is one fact that has not changed which is that this debate has not yet reached a conclusion and will still continue.

This issue could be resolved by making this a referendum which is to put to the people, so that the Australian people may choose for themselves whether or not there should be such a thing as same sex marriage or not.

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