COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 8 Inquiry: Think about your interests

Think about how you might use this network personally, and then how you might use it professionally. Reflect on this on your blog.

Figure 1: Foundd Home Screen Source: Screen capture Foundd (2015)
Figure 1: Foundd Home Screen
Source: Screen capture Foundd (2015)

I have quite a number of interests such as: listening to music, watching movies and shows, playing games, lastly reading books. I chose to pick my interest in movies and shows. Surprisingly, there is not actually a lot of social media networking websites for fans of television shows and movies; at least not in my Google search.

There are a few networking sites that I know of that which were created specifically for the movie Twilight. These have now become more of a generalised networking where anyone can be any character. However, this was not appropriate for the task at hand, so I Googled it.

I found a social networking website ‘Foundd’. This is a website where you rate movies, shows and games. You also get recommendations after you rate ten items from one of the previous options mentioned.

I could see myself using this social networking website to find out movies, shows and games that might interest me. It lists the year and genre of the recommended items as well as some background information.

On the Foundd (2015) page in their website information is a statement with statistics. “Our quest was to create something that people love to use often and for a long time, we were able to identify three seemingly uncorrelated things that stood out to us:

  • People who had friends who also used Foundd stuck with it for over a year. To be more precise, 80% of those users were still active after 12 months.
  • 95% of growth came from iPhones and iPads (0.5 million downloads).
  • Over 14 million ratings were made on Foundd.”

These statistics provide general feedback information on the website and some of the major aspects. With over 14 million views it means that this website is fairly popular. The biggest audience is from those using iPhones and iPads thus the main focus is on making the website easy to navigate on mobiles.

Their website also lists three principles for an improved Foundd:

  • Make the recommendations from people, not an algorithm.
  • Focus on mobile.
  • Expressing your thoughts and feelings about a movie should be the core experience on Foundd.

I could use this website in a professional matter by looking up information on a movie that an actor previously played in or for a reference when reviewing a show or movie that has been released. Unfortunately, unless I was covering the subject of movies, shows or games in an article, there really would not be much use to me.

Figure Reference

Foundd 2015, Trending on Foundd, digital image, viewed 5 September 2015,


Foundd 2015, Trending on Foundd, viewed 5 September 2015,


3 thoughts on “COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 8 Inquiry: Think about your interests

  1. Hi Zoe

    FOUNDD site sounds really interesting and I enjoyed reading about it. I’ve got a few observations and suggestions that you may find helpful:

    It would be great to have a hyperlink to be able to access the site directly from your blog.

    I don’t think you need the word ‘however’ in your second sentence. I also don’t think you need the word ‘which’ in your third sentence. The sentence is strong without that word. If you decide to start that sentence with the word ‘surprising’, I would put a comma directly after it. I don’t know if it is best to spell tv out in full the first time you use it as it is an acronym. But I’m not certain about that. I also don’t know if the word ‘google’ should be capitalised.

    I found the first sentence of the second paragraph a little hard to read. It may sound better split into two sentences. You may also want to specify that twilight is a movie (for those who don’t know) and capitalise it.

    The word FOUNDD is capitalised in some places but not others.

    I would consider rewording the first sentence in the fifth paragraph.The word website is listed twice and the sentence doesn’t flow as well as it could.

    In the last sentence, you may want to take out the word though – or turn it into although. I think you need a comma after the words ‘unfortunately’ and ‘article’ in that sentence.

    The only other observation regards the website information that you quoted. I think your post would be stronger if you included a sentence after this data to explain the significance of it. It is interesting information but I think it could be integrated a little better.

    Well done on this blog post. It really was interesting hearing about this site. I think I’ll check it out.



  2. Hi Zoe,
    Another great post. I have never heard of the FOUNDD site and it sounds really interesting as I too, am a movie fan!
    It’s a shame there isn’t a social media platform for those interested in movie networking.
    You have written this review really well and it definitely makes me want to take a further look into the site itself.


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