COMM11108: Communication and the Political Process, blog 4, Malcolm Turnbull New Prime Minister Part Two

Figure 1: Tony Abbott and supporters arrive for the leadership ballot. Source: Strange (2015)
Figure 1: Tony Abbott and supporters arrive for the leadership ballot.
Source: Strange (2015)

It seems that many say that Australia has apparently has become the ‘International laughing stock’ after the Prime Minister has once again changed overnight. In a ploy by the government to try to get re-elected in 2016 (ABC 2015). As the Australian government see themselves fit to remove any Prime Minister out before their term is up regardless of the fact that the Australian people voted them in. If this is the case then why make it mandatory to vote in the first place.

In many ways this incident with Turnball taking over Prime Ministership from Abbott is very similar to the Gillard and Rudd one. As both were very sudden. Both Prime Ministers were not in for the whole term that they were voted in for and both were removed by their own political party.

When Julia Gillard took over Kevin Rudd, not only did people not trust the government but they were very unhappy that their choice of Prime Minister had been taken away from them (Sheehan 2013). Mr Abbott himself even made mention of this during parliament (Tokenism 2012). It was also used in the campaign against labour as a strategy of winning the election (Grattan 2015). There has not been a Prime Minister allowed to finish a term since John Howard and now that it has once again happened with the Prime Minister, the Australian people cannot trust either of the two parties (Marks 2015). According to Dodds (2015) it seems that the government continue to fail to learn from past lessons such as: Gillard and Rudd.

This example of talking about being the Labor carbon copy is mentioned several times by a number of different politicians such as: Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott and a number of others (Keating Media, 2015). This can be seen in the video provided by Keating Media (2015).

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