COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 1 Practical: Register your blog and write and introduction to yourself

a. Register your blog, It must be ‘public’ so that your lecturer can read this.

Figure 1: My blog Source: Me (2015)
Figure 1: My blog
Source: Me (2015)

As I have previously used this blog adress for other courses it was easy to set it up for COMM11007 Media Writing. I posted my blog url on to Moodle. Course Coordinator Kate Ames then uploaded it to the Delicious site.

b. Write an introduction to yourself on your blog, telling us who you are, what you are studying, and your aims for this course. 2

Hi, my name is Zoe Mears. I am currently twenty years old; turning twenty-one in November of this year. I live about 40 minutes away from the bundaberg CQU campus. I am a first year undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication via distance ed. This semester I am enrolled in: COMM11007 Media Writing, COMM11108 – Communication and the Political Process, DGTL13003 – Advanced Media Production, and lastly MRKT11029 – Marketing Fundamentals. My aims for this course is to enjoy the learning process and gain the required knowledge to continue toward my end goal of gaining a career.


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