COMM12033 Speech and Script Week 6 module Activities

Stuart (n.d.) provides a very simple page, but discusses four types of formal speech – informative, layout, demonstration, and persuasive, and illustrates the different ways we use formal speech.


This site is for a course offered by Peter Ruthven Stuart. It is a rather basic overview/information with a few examples on what each type of speech would entail. There are 4 types of speeches covered on this webpage. Informative, layout, demonstrative, and lastly persuasive. Informative speech is when you are trying to teach something to the audience. A layout speech is when you are giving someone directions or explaining the location of something. A demonstrative speech is like an informative speech because you have to teach the audience; however, the difference between the two is you not only tell the audience about it but how to do it, usually showing as well. A persuasive speech is when you are persuading people to change in some way.


Reference List

Stuart, P n.d., Speech types and some examples, viewed 14 May 2016,


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