COMM12016: Media Industries Childers Festival Citizen Blog

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Childers festival is a major cultural event in Queensland, scheduled the last weekend in July. With crowds of over 50000 people attending and around 418 stalls for attendees to visit. The festival has been running since 1996 (Bundaberg Regional Council 2016).

I found some interesting information from one stall, North Lakes G-style Henna Tattoos. The Henna Tattoos stall vendor says their business has been running for 11 years. They paint their temporary tattoos with an ink that is used as a paste from a native plant in India called “Mahenbi”.

According to Bundaberg Regional Council (2016) this festival has gone through a number of changes such as: food and wine festival, Childers multicultural festival, Childers festival of cultures; however, today it is simply known as Childers festival. I believe this is a more fitting name. This is an interesting event for all ages and one which will not only keep you entertained all weekend, but will also educate you on the different sounds of different cultures and different foods. One could easily just spend the two days listening to the musicians and trying different foods. Some of the amazing Australian artists that were at the festival include: Derek F. Smith, The Twine, and Fat Picnic (Fat Picnic 2016; Smith 2016; The Twine 2016).


However, I did notice that during the event when I had injured myself the “first aid” cadets were a little unorganised and did not have any equipment to help me. I had to wait 15 minutes just to have a band aid from the Queensland Ambulance Station, which is interesting because had it been more serious I would have been in danger. This can be seen as a risky event which according to NIFV, 2012, cited in Vries, Galetzka & Gutteling (n.d) is defined as an event accessible to a crowd of people at a specific time or date at a specific location. NIFV, 2012, cited in Vries, Galetzka & Gutteling (n.d) states that this event could lead to risks to public order, public safety, public health or the environment. I do also feel that more directions could have been given to tell people where things were as there were events that I missed out on due to the fact that I did not know where they were.


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