DGTL12002: Working with social media week 2 exercises

Exercises 2.1

Thoughts on Digizen.org material:

This is a simple website that gives information on social networking platforms. Providing information on the working of these types of sites. They evaluate the social networking media, the settings they implore, what people do on these sites, and lastly the types of networking such as individualism or crowd sourcing on media like Facebook, Bebo, Instagram, Youtube.


Exercise 2.2

I do believe on the basis of these observations made which can be seen in the above picture that the site may be considered a social network site.


Week two questions

Although Instagram does have the option to set the profile/account to private this only affects new people and not existing followers. This is a site which is not really privacy conscious as there are not many options to choose what is shown and what is not shown. As for moderation of risks, Instagram has the same level as many of the other popular social media such as FB, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Management of content is basically up to the individual except when it breaks terms/conditions of use which have been included.

Instagram which is similar to other social media sites has both positive and negative aspects in areas such as ownership of content and reputations of members. Hinton & Hjorth (2013, p. 34), states that most social networking platforms share some common features such as contact lists and private messaging.

Panarelli (n.d) States that parents need to know that Instagram is a popular platform for instant photo and video enhancement with a variety of effects available and the ability to share them across a number of other social media. Pictures shared in Instagram are public and may have location information unless privacy settings are adjusted. However, Instagram Direct allows users to send private photos directly to other users (Panarelli n.d). Instagram conditions say that users should be at 13 years or older. It also states that users should not post partially nude or sexually suggestive photos but yet it does not prohibit the portrayal of violence, swear words, or drugs (Panarelli (n.d).


Reference List

Hinton, S & Hjorth, L 2013, Understanding social media, Sage Publications, London.

Panarelli, L n.d, Instagram, viewed 10 August 2016, https://www.commonsensemedia.org/app-reviews/instagram#










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