DGTL12002 Working with social Media Week 4 Worksheet

Figure 1: The wilderness downtown Source: Google Creative Lab (2010)

Exercise 4.1

Innovation of data, flight plans, 140000 planes go through American system patterns blue meant high altitude and white meant low altitude. These are interactive maps but people could easily be confused by the whole system that was set out.
There is a lot of ways to analyse people by their actions and you can learn just by watching others. I especially found it funny and interesting to find out that 7599 people contributed to Aaron’s sheep activity and only one thought or went to ask why. When people are left to their own devices they can be artistic.

The singing part to the clip on Ted Talks was really funny, the animation was really interesting to watch on the video which was made from pictures drawn from fans. I then checked out the wilderness down town website/app, it is a powerful innovation device that depending on your internet connection and computer capabilities can show quite an interesting picture of the area you live; however, the downfall is not all places have enough street view and google maps data to have a proper video and thus you do not get the full experience.

All this goes to show that using social media technology it can bring a diverse number of people from all over the world to come together and build something really great and artistic.


Exercise 4.2


exercise 4.3


exercise 4.5


Week 4 question

Referring either to one of Aaron Koblin’s projects from exercise 4.1 above, the “one frame of fame” website linked below, or another you know of that employs crowdsourcing, briefly discuss whether or not you think it is innovative in terms of social media, produsage and crowdsourcing. Refer to concepts introduced this week in the text book, the lecture and course resources. Be sure to provide a link to the site you are writing about in your blog. Also make use of an image if possible. With screen captures, make sure you note the URL where you sourced the image and, the date viewed, as part of your caption.

One frame of fame

One frame of fame is a social media website that uses prod usage and crowd sourcing to create a music video. According to Oxford (2016) social media are websites or applications that enable or allow users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. This can be seen in the link that was provided because it enables users to help create the music video. Crowd Sourcing Week (2016) states that crowd sourcing is the practice of engaging a crowd or group for a common goal. This can be seen in the website with the thousands of participants that helped to create a music video.

According to Hinton & Hjorth (2013) a produser is a user which produces rather than just using internet content. Which can be seen with the users uploading pictures of the instructed motions for the specific scene in the music video.

This social media music video includes all aspects such as the crowdsourcing, produsage to create a music video with 40550 participants.


Figure Reference List

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Reference List

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