DGTL12002 Working with social Media Week 5 Worksheet

Exercise 5.1

Web mashups is a web application that makes information from one or more sources and presents it in a new way with a unique layout. A mash up takes information and shows you it in a unique way.

Exercise 5.2


Germ Trax

Interesting as it takes information about the sick in areas and gives you a map which shows different colour dots to represent different sicknesses – red dots represent rashes, dark blue represent upper respiratory problems, green represents gastrointestinal (gi) problems, pink represents pink eye, yellow represents lice, orange represents chickenpox, light blue represents other problems. This could be very helpful when trying to avoid getting sick or sick people.

My School

This a mash up that allows you to search for schools based on your postcode and you can choose from the ones listed, when you open it you can read statistics from a range of years listed on the school from the total amount of enrolments. The percentage in gender. This is helpful information for parents who have kids and are planning on enrolling them.

Post Code Finder

I’m not really sure wat this is meant to accomplish but when I put my postcode in it, it lit up the Bundaberg area Fraser island and certain roads leading into these areas.

Weather Check

you post the name of the place you want to know and it lists the current temperature and weather information as well as what the next ten days will look like during the morning , day and evening and night. In a chart using the colours to represent each point for the next ten days.


Perhaps a new mash up could be a website which lists upcoming events using different highlights.


Exercise 5.3

Week 5 question

  1. Research and find out some information on what the Google Maps API is and then explain this in your blog post (referencing your sources by linking to them).
  2. Create and publish a blog post showing a site of significance to you via Google Maps. Do not publish your home address. If you are adventurous you could even document a trail of some sort. Embed the map in your blog or a post a link to a Google map for your week 5 blog post. There is information on how to do this in the week 5 tutorial instructions.


From what I can find out searching for google maps API I have found out very little. It was very hard to find information on Google API but there are websites like Ball (2010) which talk about the JavaScript API version but it doesn’t list what the API actually is. However, according to Tech Target (2013) Google maps API is ‘the Google Maps application program interface.’

This API makes it possible to embed google maps in to a proprietary site or community service page (Tech Target 2013). To further expand on this Google (n.d.) states that the Google Maps APIs allow full access to Google’s worldwide database of more than 100 million business listings and points of interest. This could mean showing nearby bars, cafe shops or schools that are of interest users (Google n.d.).

I did also manage to find out that there are a variety of Google Maps APIs. According to Wagner (2015) these may include an ‘Embed API, Maps Image APIs, Places API, Web Services API and Google Maps API for Work.’



Reference List

Ball, M 2010, Google maps api, viewed 19 August 2016, http://stackoverflow.com/tags/google-maps-api-3/info

Google n.d., Google maps apis, viewed 19 August 2016, https://www.google.com.au/work/mapsearth/products/mapsapi.html

Hinton, S & Hjorth, L 2013, Understanding social media, Sage Publications, London.

Tech Target 2013, Google maps, viewed 19 August 2016, http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/Google-Maps

Wagner, J 2015, Top 10 mapping apis: Google maps, Microsoft Bing maps and mapquest, viewed 19 August 2016, http://www.programmableweb.com/news/top-10-mapping-apis-google-maps-microsoft-bing-maps-and-mapquest/analysis/2015/02/23






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