COMM12016: Media Industries Gatsby Ball


The Gatsby Gala Ball was held on the 10th of September 2016, for students, staff and partners at ‘The One’ Nightclub Sugarland Tavern. The Gatsby Ball was held to support the ‘Dr Phillip Donaldson Memorial Scholarship‘. This scholarship was founded in 2016 when Dr Phillip Donaldson died in 2015 in a car accident (CQUniNEWS 2016).  The scholarship provides first year CQUniversity undergraduate students residing in Bundaberg $5,000 in total or $2,500/ Term for terms one and two (CQUniversity Australia 2016).

The day the ball was to be held began and as it progressed I found myself excited and nervous as I had never been to a ball before. The theme of this ball was the 1920’s Gatsby era which was a vibrant period for clothes, make up, jewellery etc  (Outix 2016). The ball was to begin at 6:30pm (Outix 2016). I started getting ready at 3:30pm knowing that I had two hours to attempt the 1920’s style hair and makeup.

It was a rush and I found myself disappointed in myself, I rushed out the door with my brother to the ball. The entrance to the ball had string/tassle, as you enter you see the massive inside. Name registry was required on entry and three slips of paper were provided, a number for your entry in the best dressed competition and two free drink slips. Free food was also provided, with music to set the scene.


Figure: Best dressed girl at entrance of ball Source: Devenish (2016)

The event began meeting up with fellow students and friends. Introductions between friends of friends and then we were all seated at tables chatting away as free food was provided on platters. Approximately 70 people attended the event. The environment, scenery, music and food made the night feel pulled back into the 1920’s.

People were getting up to dance on the dance floor, with a dj that took song requests, the hours passed so quickly and everyone was enjoying themselves. When time came for the best dressed girl and best dressed guy to be announced, everyone that had scattered outside or were on the dance floor returned to their tables, eagerly awaiting to find out who would be announced.

The DJ calls out “the best dressed female goes to Zoe Mears” and the crowd cheers as I gasp. I sort of stumble out of my chair in shock as my friend Louisa tells me its alright. Then the DJ continues and announces the best dressed guy “Aaron Barba”. Both of us await at the entry table where a lady comes over and hands us our prize. Still shocked that I had won best dressed, I stumbled off to my table and showed friends the prize, the rest of the night passed with more dancing, photos, laughs, and drinks. The night finally came to an end with a success and a group photo that will hold memories for a long time to come.

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