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COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 10 Technical: Blog review for technical errors and review on blog.

  1.  Review your blog against the ‘Blog Writing Checklist’ on page 3 of this activity sheet. b. Reflect on this briefly on your blog – Did you find the questions difficult? Did find many issues?

I have finished going through all of the blog pieces and I have tried to incorporate many of the elements covered in Ames (2015). I came across so many errors with my

  1. numbering
  2. grammar
  3. use of subject/verb agreement
  4. large paragraphs

when reviewing my blogs. I have spent countless hours trying to incorporate the critical and in depth feel as well as a blog that looks easy to the eye. I hope that I really polished these in the blogs so that I can get a distinction or higher; however, I believe that it is just wishful thoughts.


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COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 10 Practical: Review your blog


Is the layout clean and easy to read? Have you used headings in a way that attracts attention to key points? Is white space used appropriately? Reflect on this on your blog.

I have used headings in the blogs which have questions on them in a way that makes it easy to follow the questions and answers to the questions. I have one line space between paragraphs and between headings.

I have used headings, tags, and categories to try and make each post for each week easily accessible. I have tried to incorporate pictures and other forms of media to add to the impact of my blog pieces.

Have you completed all the tasks? Check that you have completed all blog requirements and ensure that you have responded to all weekly requirements. Check this against the ‘Blog Task Requirements’ on page two of this activity sheet.

I know that I have now completed all tasks at least to the bare minimum standard. I have gone through all of my blog pieces ticking off every week I am happy to say because this has been a long journey.

Reflect on the blogging tasks. Write a few sentences on your views of this assessment. What were your major challenges and how did you overcome these? Was it too hard/too easy/about right? Has it helped improve your writing?

I liked doing this assessment piece as I did keep up with doing them, except on the occasions which I had to do assignment work and then I generally fell behind by a week.

Most times when completing these activities I found that I would spend hours trying to complete them but I would end up with a completed blog piece that I was happy to submit to edit later on.

I do believe it helped me to improve my writing as not only were comments provided to me by other students especially by Rebecca Somerville and Heidi Petith extremely helpful but also insightful (Thanks Guys).

I have continued to reflect on my own work. Whilst also being encouraged to do better by reading other blogs and seeing how well that they do theirs.

I also found out different viewpoints that I otherwise would never have found out without the collaboration that is a requirement for this assessment piece.

I feel that this is a great assessment piece which has been keeping me on my toes. I have formed what I believe to be a student friendship with a number of the fellow students and I am grateful for it.

Thanks Kate for such a great course!


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COMM1107 Media Writing Blog Activities Week 10 Inquiry: Consider yourself as a visual consumer

(will Review this soon)

Figure 1: Series Cravings Source: Series Cravings 2015
Figure 1: Series Cravings
Source: Series Cravings 2015

I have to say, this was extremely hard for me to do. I spent hours searching online for websites, brochures, and magazines. Although not everything was accessible to me as I was not going to pay money to see some of the magazines that are subscription only.

I did find a website that I liked Series Cravings (2015) that have television shows set out easy for me to see what shows that is listed on the website for me to watch. When clicking on the links it opens into the page of the show which lists all the episodes and seasons available on the website, I then click on the episode I want to watch and it opens to a video of the full episode.

Figure 2: South Park page Source: Series Cravings (2015)
Figure 2: South Park page
Source: Series Cravings (2015)

According to Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith (2012) both the writing and layout should grab the reader’s attention. This particular type of website has appropriately set out the text and the other media to grab the audience’s attention.

Fonts according to Ames (2015) are the means by which written words are represented. There is a mixture of font used which is both formal and informal, this does not disrupt the reader and still suits the purpose of the website.

Ames (2015) state that colour can affect balance because dark and intense colours “weigh” more than lighter colours. It is evident on Series Cravings (2015) that they have used lighter colours to go with the feel of the the content included.

The sounds it includes are what is expected when visiting a site with shows listed which is basically the audio to the show. There is only a few pictures in this website, the logo and a picture for each show.

The balance of the website is different on each page; however, it does not feel overcrowded. It does not also feel too empty with white space either which according to Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith (2012) is also important.

To summarise this basic website has included all of the visually appealing elements. It is well balanced, its use of colour flow well, and lastly is is easily accessed.


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