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COMM12033 Speech and Script Week 4 Workbook Activities

1.Re-record your news script. Post the link to your blog. 



2. Reflect upon your new recording: Is there a difference from the original, and if so how? Write a short reflection on your blog, making specific references to performative techniques you used. 


Figure 1: Voice techniques for singing good pop band name ideas review Source: New York vocal coaching studio (2013)


There was a massive difference in the recordings from this week and week one. The quality of sound and the volume I spoke, the pace and there was less mistakes which I made when recording for the second time. I spoke much more concisely and with more clarity. Using some of the techniques listed in the weekly module to help when trying to sound more professional and speak more clearly.

  • Fluency is the ability to speak or write a particular foreign language easily and accurately (Oxford 2016). Fortunately I believe that I am much more fluent in this last recording than I was in the week one recording.
  • Clarity -is the quality of being clear, in particular, The quality of being coherent and intelligible, The quality of being easy to see or hear; sharpness of image or sound (Oxford 2016). When reflecting upon the recording I found that I had improved on the clarity of my reading.
  • Oxford (2016) states that Enunciation -is to say or pronounce clearly, Express (a proposition, theory, etc.) in clear or definite terms.When reflecting upon my reading I found that I had improved on the Enunciation.
  • Modulation of tone is the variation in the tone of one’s voice (Oxford 2016). Unfortunately I could not notice a difference in the modulation of tone for this week’s recording.
  • According to Oxford (2016) Modulation of volume is when there is a variation in the strength of one’s voice. During the reading I found that I did modulate my volume.
  • Inflection which according to Oxford (2016) is a change in the form of a word (typically the ending) to express a grammatical function or attribute such as tense, mood, person, number, case, and gender: a set of word forms differing only in respect of inflections. I could not see a difference of inflection between week one and week four recordings.

Toastmaster (2011) discusses the differences in voice pitch, the difference in the pace referring to the pace of a ‘turtle’ or ‘rabbit’. Looking at this week’s recording I can see that I am speaking more at the pace of a turtle rather than the pace of a rabbit as I am going slow enough to be understood. Using emphasis on certain words and speaking lightly on others.

Figure 2: Drama techniques Source: Sacred Heart College (2010)




3. Watch In a World (2013). Write a review of this movie with the future voice-over artist in mind. 

The movie in a world was a somewhat interesting film which was supposedly a comedy; however, I did not find this film very funny at all as there were only a couple of points where I had laughed. The movie was about the daughter (Carol) of a voice over actor who is trying to get a foothold in the same career as her father. Some techniques used to alter the voice are like pronouncing vowels such as ah, moving the lips and jaws. Drinking sugary drinks. Hot lemon drink to gurgle, sit ups with the voice exercises, eating cheeseburgers, screaming with a wide open mouth. There was also a scene where a girl had something in her mouth while she was trying to speak. I have to say that I did really hate the stereotype to this movie which was rather offensive especially in the scene where there are two guys in a sauna and the conversation they had where the older man said “you showed her who the man was”. The fact that in the career of Voice overs it was thought to be a “mans” world. Yet, at the end when Carol got the part for the movie the idea that this was still a “man’s world” could no longer exist.



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