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COMM12033 Speech and Script Week 9 Workbook Activities

  1. Draft Script: Consider your final assignment. Draft one page of an audiovisual script associated with your final assignment.

Audio Visual Script


2. Deliver the Script: Do a dry run of reading this page of script. Record your reading, and time this. Post your recording to your blog, and reflect on areas you need to improve on at this stage.


Figure 1: Reflection facilitated by qr codes Source: Vincent (2013)

4. Reflection: Finally, post a final submission post that is a reflective piece (600-800 words). In this, you should:


a. Identify the activities that you found most useful to your learning over the course of the term, and discuss why these were useful;

There were a number of activities that I found most useful over the course of the term. These were activities such as week one where we were asked to reflect upon reading of the news script, this really helped me by getting me to listen to how I sounded when reading from a script. It turned out that I found a lot of issues with my reading and thus had plenty to improve upon. The week four exercise was really similar as it also got us to reflect upon how we improved in our reading of the news script from week one.

Other activities that really helped keep me interested and motivated to complete weekly activities were the movies we were asked to watch such as: In a world and the kings speech which was fun to do. This I believe kept me more excited to do each week’s work. The last activities of the weeks in the blogs such as the PAIBOC activity, the oral presentation and the audio visual script were very useful to me as these have helped me to prepare for the second assignment, gaining confidence in knowing what to do and how to go about doing it.

The activity that I had the most difficulty in completing the week 3 which was on Aristotle. This was extremely hard for me to concentrate on and understand when reading. It was for this reason that I found I could not really get into the swing of the activity, leaving the response rather bland and more like a basic summary rather than the critically in depth response that would have been better to include.


b. Indicate whether, at this stage of the course, you feel that your understanding of speaking and scripting writing has improved, and reasons why/why not;

I do believe my understanding of speaking and script writing has improved. As I reflect upon the weeks which have passed I find myself looking at my progress and see that I have improved in my understanding, in my performance and my ability. I believe that my ability to speak clearly, precisely and audibly has also improved as in week one I could barely be heard; whereas, in my last week of this blog I have found that I can hear every word precisely.

Throughout the journey of this blog I have learned about rhetoric, about exercises for breathing and speaking properly, I have learned that confidence in my ability is something that will help me to improve even more. Before completing this course I had no idea how to do an audio visual script, how to do Piece to Camera or even what Piece to Camera actually was. I did not know how the sound of voice can influence the audience and depending on what first impression they have of you it can mean the difference between the audience actually paying attention to what you say or completely zoning out, maybe even falling asleep.



c. Comment on the usefulness (or otherwise) of your blogging journey and how it has (or hasn’t) helped your learning.

While blogging for this course and others has certainly been an adventure through the learning process not only to do with the weekly work but also to do with the blogging itself, I have actually found this process to be useful as it forces me to look back at my work and really reflect on what can be improved upon, what needs changing and what needs to be removed. It is a process that I believes helps me learn and helps me grow.

The fact that the weekly activities are made up to be the first assignment really helps me keep up to date with work as instead of actually having to reduce the amount of hours I spend on weekly work so that I can finish the assignment, the weekly work actually builds the first assignment. I really like it when courses use the weekly work to complete the assignments as this reinforces my learning. I believe if the course had included self-reflection and also peer reviews I could have perhaps learned more as when we self-reflect and review other’s work we often get ideas on how we can improve our own work.


d. Discuss your level of confidence in going into your final assessment at this stage of the course, and comment on how you are going to address any final issues or concerns you may have.

I found that at the beginning of this semester that I was not very confident at all with what I was supposed to be doing and how I was supposed to do it. I did not feel comfortable writing the speech or starting on any of the other pieces for the second assignment as I felt pretty clueless on what was being asked. However, I have found that as the weeks have passed my confidence in the fact that I know what I am doing has grown. I am confident in my ability to complete the required pieces for assignment two. I am also confident that I will do well with this assignment.

I did really want to say that this was a really great course and I enjoyed my learning journey. Thanks Kate Ames!!


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