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COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 25th of August

Figure 1: I broke down today Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 25th August. Today I broke down in the office this morning because it was getting all a too much. The feedback I had received was not harsh but there was so much red and I felt like nothing I was doing was right, nothing I did was good enough and I guess in a sense like everything was getting away from me. I had assignments coming up that I have not started on and I felt completely raw like whenever my supervisor in the office came up to me and asked if I was okay because I seemed a little down, at first I wanted to deny it because I did not want to admit it to anyone that there was anything wrong in my life. My supervisor then told me that it sounded more like yes meaning no and I broke down crying. He seemed really nice and really helpful about the situation and he even got me to do assignment work instead doing stories or the interview with Moira Kelly that I was supposed to do. He took my questions and did the interview for me which I felt sad about because I wanted to do it, but at the same time I was grateful because I did not feel capable and needed to put my attention to my university assignment. My supervisor set me to focus on one thing that I would really like to do on my last two days. I had a long thought about it and I would like to get published again in the ABC; although, I would also really like to do some producing, so basically there are two things I would really like to do in my last two days.


WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 6 Reflective Journal

17th of August and 18th August

Day One

Today was spent researching into the topic of Autism, deciding to particularly take information regarding the statistics of autism and remembering what ross has said in previous weeks that it needed to be a bit more specific than just the basic this is how many people have autism and this is how it affects families of Australia article.

Day Two

I decided after a bit more research in the subject of autism I found out about the AEIOU foundations NDIS Workshops for next week I then spoke to Scott Lamond which is the Chief of staff at ABC Wide Bay about it and then (S. Lamond, personal communication, August 11, 2017) told me to set it up for David to do the interview. So I did that and then I used the quotes from an interview I conducted previously with the AEIOU foundation Bundaberg’s centre manager Kerra-Leigh Bacelar to make a start on the article.

22nd of August

I am continuing my start on the autism article and I couldn’t do much as I didn’t have the interview required to start the story.

So I started on the mental health story using two interviews as the base of it. The interviews included one on an Ecumenical lunch and the R U OK campaign.


COMM12016: Media Industries Pokemon’ Go Citizen Blog

Figure 1: Pokemon Go 20 essential tips and tricks Source: Te, Z & Espineli, M (2016)

Pokemon Go is the new craze with people all across the world. Recently I had an interaction with a Pokémon Go player, he was a fairly old age and it made me wonder just how crazily popular this application has become, according to Angus (2016) it is not only popular with local people but nationally and internationally.

Interesting enough I have found that this application has just about completely taken over all across the world. People have really got into this application with some crazy results such as according to Holmes (2016) a woman claiming she was raped by a Pokémon. Another crazy event is when people interrupted a funeral to search for the Pokémon (Cooper 2016).

Figure 2: Woman tells police she was raped by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an assault and the virtual reality game detected the creature in her bedroom Source: Holmes (2016)

Is this application perhaps an application that is dangerous to the public, I believe that it has only become this way because of how obsessed people have become with it, it seems the obsession has gotten to the point perhaps that reality has begun to blur. Is this with the whole population of Pokémon Go players? No, thankfully this application still remains with the majority of the population just that, an application made for fun and enjoyment and not meant to be taken too seriously.

However, there is plenty of information for people who may be interested in playing Pokémon Go but are unsure of it. There are answers to frequently asked questions such as: how to log into the game, how to name and customise your trainers (Frank 2016). As the population of the Pokémon Go application players continues to grow, it is possible that more crazy cases of crime could continue to happen and therefore raise the crime rate.



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COMM12033 Speech and Script Introduction

Write an introduction on your blog, telling us who you are, what you are studying, and your aims for this course.


Hi there,

My name is Zoe Mears. I am starting my second year in my Bachelor of Professional Communication.

My aims for this course is to learn the necessary skills to write speeches. Also when reading these speeches, to sound as natural as possible as I have found often when I read speeches I sound a bit robotic. This will help me in the future when it comes to working as a journalist.

As I have had a look at the course I can already see that this will be interesting and fun to complete.

(this is a draft- it will be edited)