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WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 8 Reflective Journal

Day One 30th of August

Today Ross told me only one of my articles had a chance of being published. The most likely candidate is the mental health one, and the other two would just have to get to publishable standard so that I could fill the requirements of my assessment. Which was sad but expected as not everything that is written can get published. So I spent the day working on the mental health article and submitted it to Ross for him to look over it.


Day two 1st of September

Today I got the feedback from Ross to make any final edits to it before it is sent off to the publisher. By the afternoon Ross told me it was sent off the publisher and I then sent him a draft of my Facebook post and two Twitter posts for social media use.


5th of September

I sent Ross an email asking him what was going on with the story and whether the publisher/sub editors were actually interested in publishing it and he got back to me today, forwarding the email between the publisher/sub editor and himself. My mental health article was published on the 5th of September.



WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 7 Reflective Journal

24th of August

I sent Ross my supervisor to the three stories the drafts that I had been writing and (R. Kay, personal communication, August 11, 2017) said that he would take a look at the drafts, he then sent me the feedback for the stories. There was so many issues on the draft that there was more red mark-ups then white background and black text.


25th of August

I got back the AEIOU foundation article and it was depressing to me the feedback that I received. I honestly felt useless, I felt like I was completely stupid because there was so many of the issues that I had being ones I already knew but due to being completely overworked and stressed I just did not think to fix the issues it was like I completely went blank, my mind just would not work. (R. Kay, personal communication, August 11, 2017) said that some of the issues that were there ones that I should have already learned through my university studies.

WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 5 Reflective Journal

Week 5 Reflection

Day One 10th August

I made an attempt to change the angle so that it was about Childers locals fundraising for a local cancer boy and I contacted the lady I had interviewed at the Childers Festival and asked her for more information I then listened to the audio file and took information out of that to put into my article and when the lady by the name of Kerry Young got back to me with some more information I then put what she told me in the article and sent it back to Ross for him to have a look at it, (R. Kay, personal communication, August 11, 2017) said he would look at it tomorrow.



Day Two 11th August

Ross had a look at the story draft today and (R. Kay, personal communication, August 11, 2017) said that in the real world I wouldn’t have that many chances with a draft. I then thought that funnily enough though in the real world I wouldn’t be working 7 days of a week every week with over 64 hours and doing homework on top of that.


WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 4 Reflective Journal

Week 4 Reflections 3rd and 4th of August


Day One

Today I started on my cancer story, I did my first draft. I included two talent and some statistics, I then wrote two twitter posts and a Facebook post and sent the drafts to Ross, and he had a look and gave me some feedback. Tomorrow I will be applying the feedback and Resubmitting to Ross for his thoughts, if it’s ready then it will be submitted to the editor to be published or to see if it will.

The proposal I made and submitted to Moodle as my assessment one states that I would use 3 main sources and I made sure to write my first draft with the details I had listed in my proposal. With using all the criteria, angles and sources the first draft came to 900 words in length. I could not see anything wrong with it and cannot think of what else to add to it or edit it in order to make it better, so I email it to Ross. This process has taken me the estimated time of two weeks to research and then write it.


Day Two

I came into ABC and I worked on the improvement suggested to me by my supervisor Ross and I changed my whole angle as suggest I have got more research to do and I need more information to create the last draft of the cancer story. Ross’s Feedback was that he did not want to see the typical cancer is bad and kills so many people angle and so he pointed out a little section in my news story that was about a calendar fundraising and (R. Kay, personal communication, August 11, 2017) said we wanted me to focus on that for the story.


WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 3 Reflective Journal

Week 3 Reflection 28th of July

It was discussed with the ABC Wide Bay staff members and the two supervisors, this week was the start of my research into the topics that I submitted in my proposal because my proposal came back as it was accepted, and I have a list of sources already with statistics and general information about the cancer topic.

From a previous experience with the ABC Wide Bay team I knew that not every time you submit a draft that it will get published. It also must be a local for national news angle which means that I might have a problem getting the cancer story done is there is not a local event at this point in time to tie it in with the story for the ABC. As this is only week one of the research and story writing.


WRIT13013 – Writing Project Week 1 – Reflective Journal

Week 1 Reflection 11th of July


I called celeste Lawson yesterday to discuss my writing project, I wanted to incorporate my project with my work placement as they are already a media and combining it means that things are a lot easier on me to do two courses in the two days I’m at work placement.

So it has been set up that I will write my proposal which includes the media I plan to publish with ABC Wide Bay who target the target audience is and in my case the target audience for ABC and then the audience for their online site including the three topic ideas I have, I already know of two topics (cancer story and autism story) just need a third. Then there will be three mediums for each topic – radio package, news article, online story. If these topics can’t reach the ABC website then published to their fb page. These must be of publishable standard.