COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 11th of August

Figure 1: 11th of August Selfie at ABC Source: Me (2017)

Today is Friday the 11th of August. I set up two interviews in for David and I finished my golf club interview done. I got some more information for my ABC story to start working on during my break from uni which wasn’t really a break because I’ve been working the whole week and I suppose I am just over exhausted really and because of that I am not performing as well as I should be but I am going to keep going and hopefully I can do what Ross has asked of me or maybe I should respond by saying I do a large amount of hours, I come in and do more and then you set homework for me, not only is that stressful and not good for my mental health but I am not going to do the quality of work that is needed of me. It is really not a good idea if I keep pushing myself therefore I really need to tell him that because I am really pushing myself beyond my limits and if I am not careful I will wear myself out but not only that I will end up not be able to do anything. Which I am hoping will not be the case, as I am hoping I can make it to the end of the semester so that I can have one large break. Because one large break would be nice but I doubt it and I feel really happy with what I’ve achieved today.

Foggy Post
Figure 2: Foggy and Chilly morning Source: ABC Wide Bay Facebook (2017)



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COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 10th of August

Figure 1: ABC Lunch time Selfie Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 10th August. I got my questions, from the interview book that Ross gave, critiqued, I sent in the activities that I did yesterday and I got my questions from last week that I sent in to be critiqued. The activities that I had completed from the interviewing book that Ross gave me was typed up this morning and sent in. Reading the interviewing book I found it really interesting that it touched base on a lot of things that I learned in my first year at university and that is basically just refreshed what I learnt. Ross told me to look at the questions that I wrote last week and told me to rewrite them, the feedback that I got, when I sent in the updated interview questions from last week regarding the interview that I am going to do, was that it was basically like that he got a set of questions from two different people because (R. Kay, personal communication, August 10, 2017) stated the work quality in the interview questions was much better, much more on point and everything. Based on this I guess it really showed that I needed to go back and refresh my mind with all the stuff I learned in the first and second year. To touch base on it because not only will it improve my work quality, it will also make it easier on knowing what to do in any task. Furthermore, I did another draft for the story I am doing on my writing project, I am currently waiting for more information. Today I tried to set up two interviews today, neither of the ones I tried to set up called me back and I am going to try and get one done tomorrow to be aired on Monday, if possible. I did not feel useless today, I felt good, because my mind while I did things, they were not challenging to the point where I felt completely exhausted, they were more activities which got me reflecting and thinking on how I can improve. I have things to set up tomorrow as I will be helping Scotty in production and Ross will be away in Brisbane, who will give me feedback on my story, from there I will work on it. I am going to start on my mental health or autism story while he is away. I also helped out by offering an idea for a story filler for tomorrow morning, I researched some ideas for today, I went through them with Ross and I basically got like I needed to research a few things and alot of the things I said, he wasn’t interested in. David who is the ABC Presenter said that he needed something entertaining, so I said would model trains be under the entertaining classification and he said yeah, it would be because he has not heard about model trains for a while. So the open day that I had written down as an idea, was used by David and tomorrow morning he is going to try to get it set up so that the president of the club will come in, have a chat with him and he can air it tomorrow morning which really good.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 4th of August

Figure 1: calendar sales Source: Me (2017)


Today is the 4th of August. I spent most of the day today trying to rewrite and edit a story which had originally been able cancer in a general sense. I was rewriting it because (R. Kay, personal communication, August 4, 2017) said that he did not want to see a typical cancer is bad story. Instead he picked an element that I had written a small section about in my article which was about the Isis community who had created a local calendar to fund-raise for Childers boy Josh Ruane after he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Two of the locals had been selling the calendar’s at the Childers festival when I stopped to talk to them about why they were so brightly dressed. This talk ended up with me doing an interview about what they were doing. However, when  (R. Kay, personal communication, August 4, 2017) told me to make that the focus of my article, I felt lost because I knew nearly nothing about the situation and at that point I did not even know the name of the local boy. This ended up in me rushing to get in contact with the lady I had spoken to so that I could find out more information. I felt like it was impossible to write a whole article on two sentences of information that I had fount out.


Figure 2: what is cooking for lunch ABC Selfie Source: Me (2017)

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 3rd of August

Figure 1: Got my hair done ABC selfie Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 3rd of August. I went in this morning, getting there at 7:30am. I did not do the homework that Ross had set me this was because I felt overwhelmed by the added work of not only my normal hours at university and work placement but with the extra work from the interviews that I did on the weekend that I had no time to do the homework. I found out that I have been studying 64 hours a week which thinking about the fact that I have been doing 64 hours a week I realised that this was way too much. I did a live this morning with Wayne Shearman to discuss the rock and roll car club interview that I did last month which got aired this morning and I started up writing an article for ABC online for my other course. I set up an interview with headspace for tomorrow and today which actually felt good. Today felt like I had actually done stuff but I did not feel over worked and I did not feel like I was not contributing anything as most of my interviews that I had done from Sunday had been aired. I had set up other interviews already this week so I have more content that I am going to be contributing. Considering that I am doing 64 hours a week, I am a student and I am only an intern, I think I am doing very well and I am happy with my progress; especially since I did not mumble or stumble on anything in the live cross which was pretty amazing. I am really glad and I am looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully it is not going to be too hard of a day.


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COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 28th of July

Figure: 1 28th of July lunch time Selfie in the ABC office Source: Me (2017)


Today is the 28th of July. I have had sort of an easy day for a change this is because the day did not feel like a rush as there was not a lot that I could find to set up an interview or anything like that. I did get some university work done and I set up or got some ideas for next week. I have also wrote the questions for the interviews at Childers festival this Sunday. The pile or amount of work seems to be increasing tremendously. Which I am hoping that I can cope with over the next so many weeks as I am doing not only this course with work placement but another course with this work placement and I am hoping that I can get the university work done for that course as well.  I also hope that I can maintain the quality of work that I have been doing. This week I also downloaded the audio clips for the interviews that I have done so far during my work placement so that I can put the files in my portfolio or at least make a start on the beginning of my portfolio and yesterday was a bit weird there was only three people there in the office. This is because there is normally at least five people in the office when I come in to work placement. Although today Ross came back we are still the same number we were because Trudy only came in due to the fact there was not enough staff. Next week everybody will be back though: Jess, Wayne, David, Dominic, Kallee, Ross, Brad and Scott will all be there. It is 2:45 pm and I am heading home.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 27th of July

Figure 1: Tired at work selfie at ABC Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 27th of July. I got home from my work placement with the ABC Wide Bay at 3:45pm. Today I interviewed Fiona ward an MS sufferer who went to Mexico for a treatment that is in clinical trials in Australia and not readily available. I interviewed her this morning at 9:15am and I spent a lot of the day writing up the introduction, I wrote up the draft around five different times, the first time I just wrote a simple basic introduction and not much information and brad suggested that I write more about the treatment itself and more details. I rewrote the introduction, then he said it was too wordy and too scientific so I then rewrote another one and then he suggested about getting a statement because it is a medical story to get a statement from the MS Australia, so I emailed them and ended up getting a response later in the afternoon. I sat next to Brad as we redid another draft of the introduction and then I wrote an outroduction which tells patients that they can go to the website for more information and I think if Brad had told me half the stuff had to be more specific with his feedback then I would have gotten my draft done quicker and at the same time. I kinda feel useless not being able to create even one piece of content which can be used or two content but I suppose I have got to think about the fat that I do not have raw contact list that everybody else has, I cannot just call up this huge amount of contacts because I do not know any of them, so I am starting completely fresh, all I have got is my own research which has come up with a lot over my internship or work placement but sources are kind of running dry at the moment and I am just trying to stumble at any ideas.

Figure 2: Helping out in the recording booth at ABC Wide Bay Source: Me (2017)

I have the Childers festival I will be attending on Sunday, I set up an interview this morning it was discussed that I might go to Childers to do another interview with a group that is actually going to attend the Childer’s festival as it had previously been setup for Trudy who is a casual at the ABC office who was supposed to interview a group at a workshop but because the office was so short staffed that would have meant the ABC would have to spend resources that they do not have due to this fact I offered to do the interview for them tomorrow at the Childers Festival because I am already going to the Childers festival and since they are going to be there I will just interview them there and then send through the two interviews from the Childers festival that I will do, with an introduction and possibly an outro as well. I was told on that tomorrow I am going to do a vox pox, I think that is what they called it in the office, so I am a little nervous about that because it means going up to complete strangers and trying to get them to answer questions while they are walking on the main street in Bundaberg. But I will see how things go.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 21st of July


Figure 1: Ross Kay Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 21st of July. I just got out of the ABC office it is 2:10pm. I woke up at 5am which is early this morning so that I could get to the office before quarter to seven this morning. The reason behind this is because I was told yesterday that I needed to be in the office and ready to go to Hervey Bay before the earlier mentioned time. So I made sure to be on time and I brought my camera in case I wanted to use it.  I went to Hervey Bay with Brad Marsellos and Ross Kay. As Ross was driving us to Hervey Bay, both Ross and Brad were talking together about their wives, whining about things that were annoying and imitating their wives in a really demeaning way, I did not say anything until they told me that, what is said in the car, stays in the car and I said to them that I would not saying anything to the people at work. When we got to Hervey Bay I helped unload and carry the gear to where they were setting up, then I helped unpack the gear that they had taken with us. After that I walked around and took some pictures as well as some video and I watched a live cross. We headed off to a place called Howard, we stopped just outside of a bakery where Ross and Brad started playing Pokemon go looking for Pokemon. After they had finished looking for Pokemon we got lunch and then Brad asked me to take a photo of him so I took a picture of him and then we headed back.

21st July
Figure 2: Handy position outside the pub Source: ABC Wide Bay Facebook (2017)

When we got back to the office I picked several of my favourite pictures I had taken. One of the pictures I took was used for the ABC. Even though today has been a long and tiring day


21st July2
Figure 3: USC Source ABC Wide Bay Facebook (2017)


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