COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 10th of October

Figure 1: In the ABC office Source: Me (2017)

I spoke with Kate Ames on the phone today about the feedback I had received from my supervisors at the ABC Wide Bay team. (K. Ames, personal communication, October 10, 2017) told me that I could reflect on my experience and my feedback in a journal entry. Since my Work placement at the ABC Wide Bay I have thought about what I experienced, how I reacted, what I felt and what could have been different. Even though it has been a month and a week since I finished my last day at the ABC I still have mixed feelings about the whole experience. Part of me feels that, if I had handled the situation differently and perhaps not taken so much of my own time at home out so that I could gain interviews, maybe I could have done better quality work. However, I do also feel proud of what I have achieved during my time at the ABC. I did feel that some of the comments provided by my supervisor were a little uncalled for, especially the one that says ‘Zoe needs to ensure her personal life does not interfere with her professional work’. As it was not my personal life that affected my work, instead it was the sheer amount of hours that I was doing a week,  the negative feedback I had been receiving as well as the amount of homework that was set for me, which was increasing every week. However, as for the marking that I received from the ABC Wide Bay team I found that there was no feedback given on how to improve things like my skill, my presentation and demeanour, or even my reliability. I do not have any understanding of why I received the marks that I did and I feel that it would have been nice to know how to improve on those topics. At the end of the day though, it is important for me to take everything that I was going through at the time in to consideration, I need to make sure that I am not too hard on myself.

Finally my last reflection is that I am very proud that my last article had a reach across the world. I chose a topic that was close to my heart with the aim to inform people about what mental health issues is really about. I recently did a google search of my article and found that it was listed on at least eight different websites other than the ABC online. However, there was one particular place that I found my article being discussed that really made me smile.

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COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 1st of September

Figure 1: Last Day Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 1st of September. It is my last day with the ABC, when I walked in today I went into the production booth to have a talk with David Shipton about some things to do with photography and I also asked him if there was anything I could help him with in the production booth, he said there was nothing so I decided to find out the topic for my vox pox that I was going to do, I looked through newspapers to try and find common issues in all of them that I could ask the public in the streets about. It ended up that the topic was about electricity prices and Ergon Energy coming up with the idea or electricity scheme of remotely controlling resident’s power and air conditioning units. I took the idea to my supervisor and he agreed, so I went out and asked what people’s opinions on the idea, I also asked them what they do to reduce their own power bill at home. When I got back to the office I edited it from 14 minutes down to three minutes and 30 seconds. From there I went to lunch, after I came back from lunch I wrote the introduction, then sent the introduction through to my supervisor. I left at two in the afternoon which is fairly early actually. It was fairly easy today and I am glad because I have an assignment due tonight. My supervisor is going to email me the vox pox that will be aired on Monday which will then be added to my final portfolio.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 30th of August

Figure 1: Second last day Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 30th of August. It is my second last day at the ABC Wide Bay office I have just finished. Today was mainly just about fixing up my article so that it is ready to get published online for my other course, it was my main focus to get it ready to be send it off first thing in the morning tomorrow. and I was hoping for two stories to be published but (R. Kay, personal communication, August 30, 2017) said that the editors are so flat out and busy with a lot of stuff to do that it is not possible to get two articles published, only one. Which is disappointing for me because I really wanted to get two but it is understandable and it will have meant that I have got two articles online in the timeline of a month full time which I feel is pretty good; especially for an intern and a full-time student. I think I have done very well, I mean if I the time I have been at my work placement into weeks then it does not sound that good; however, when it is put to what it really is and since it has only been two days a week for a total of 14-16 days for each time I have had work placement then it equals to about a month and a day full time. Tomorrow the ABC team are sending me out to do a vox pops which they said I am pretty good at. I feel like if they say I am good at it then that is awesome feedback and I feel that it means it is a strength of mine. I suppose I understand why it is a strength because I enjoy talking to people, I like it and I think it is fun. I might be doing producing tomorrow but that will depend on whether David Shipton needs help with anything in the booth, if not then I will just be doing the vox pox.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 25th of August

Figure 1: I broke down today Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 25th August. Today I broke down in the office this morning because it was getting all a too much. The feedback I had received was not harsh but there was so much red and I felt like nothing I was doing was right, nothing I did was good enough and I guess in a sense like everything was getting away from me. I had assignments coming up that I have not started on and I felt completely raw like whenever my supervisor in the office came up to me and asked if I was okay because I seemed a little down, at first I wanted to deny it because I did not want to admit it to anyone that there was anything wrong in my life. My supervisor then told me that it sounded more like yes meaning no and I broke down crying. He seemed really nice and really helpful about the situation and he even got me to do assignment work instead doing stories or the interview with Moira Kelly that I was supposed to do. He took my questions and did the interview for me which I felt sad about because I wanted to do it, but at the same time I was grateful because I did not feel capable and needed to put my attention to my university assignment. My supervisor set me to focus on one thing that I would really like to do on my last two days. I had a long thought about it and I would like to get published again in the ABC; although, I would also really like to do some producing, so basically there are two things I would really like to do in my last two days.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 24th of August

Figure 1: feel like balling my eyes out Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 24th of August. To be honest right now I feel like I want ball my eyes out because I put a lot of effort in and I make silly mistakes that I should know not to make or that I should be able to pick up because I learned not to do at university and there I am doing up drafts and I can point out so many errors. So many different errors that I am not doing right which I have learned not to do with my university and it just makes me want to cry. To be honest I do not feel or think I am cut out for this to be honest but I am going to keep going with this work placement and it is the first time I felt like that but to be honest it probably will not be the last if continue down this career path. I am supposed to be something I enjoy and love and it is supposed to be a challenge but I do not believe it is supposed to make me want to ball my eyes out because I feel completely and utterly useless.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 18th of August

Figure 1: Did an interview today Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 18th of August. I did an interview with Andrea Bax for the R U Ok day workshops which I edited up, did the intro, and the outro before sending it to Scotty. I tried to set up an interview with Moira Kelly from the ecumenical lunch but unfortunately she has not gotten back to me yet so I do not think that will pan out. My vox pox got aired today and will get aired on Monday as well. My other two interviews and the golf club and that are going to be used so all good I am happy and I am glad I got done what I needed to get done today.

COMM13110 – Communication Project A Journal Entry 17th of August

Figure 1: 17th of August selfie Source: Me (2017)

Today is the 17th August. Today I did a vox pox, I went out on to the streets and I walked up to strangers and I asked them what they thought were the main issues were to bring up to the premier and state ministers when they come to the region next month, I did that for jess/newsroom and I did my interview for the ecumenical lunch which went for eleven minutes. I tried to reduce it to three or four minutes but I could not, as I was unable to reduce the amount of minutes to any less than 6 minutes 10 seconds. I emailed Scotty the intro and outro for each interview, the golf club and the ecumenical lunch, he is going to listen the audio files tomorrow when he gets back. He will then give me some feedback, I am hoping the interviews are going to be used and Jess is going to use the vox pox that I did today tomorrow morning and programs can use it as well. I will work on the articles that my supervisor wants me to do before next week tomorrow and I will get a draft ready, as much as I can since I haven’t had an interview or anything for the mental health or autism one. Also I felt good today, I felt more confident than I have felt in a long time although there were a couple of muck ups with me and how I phrased my questions and at times I felt like I was being to slow because it took forever to do the vox pox and most people said no to it. Which according to them is normal but I am glad I got to do that. Apparently it is a rite of passage, so now I feel journalistic. I have a lot of work to do at home but tomorrow I will try to set up another interview, if I can because I want to do some research when I get home on three topics. Then I am going to finish the group assignment that I have due tonight and when I come in tomorrow I am going to see if I can set up an interview for something I which at this stage I do not know what yet. But I will find something and those interviews will be ready to use next week or on the weekend. (B. Marsellos, personal communication, August 17, 2017) stated that he wants me to do one vox pox every week, on every Thursday which I am unsure of; however, on a personal note I am sure it will help me with my plans to get a tan. I have refreshed my mind with the textbooks from my first, second and third year and I will continue to refresh my mind before I start writing the next set of articles. At least that way I will have less issues and my foundation skills will be back to what they used to be which will mean that my supervisor will be more happy with my work.